Hello, I'm Daniel. Over the last few years I've led design projects from concept to implementation, in both digital & physical environments.

OFICIOSVARIOS started as a personal label in 2009. From 2011 to 2015 it operated as a design consultancy. Now, I run my practice as a design-driven company builder with the help of a small team.

Parque BarroBlanco is a mixed-used neighborhood in Rionegro, one of Colombia's fastest growing cities. The 90,000 square meter development has been designed from the urbanism to the landscaping as one large, open park with more than 770 housing units, 3,600 square meters of office space, and 9,200 square meters of commercial real estate. The development is led by CUARTOPLANO, OV's branch for built environment projects.

JGiraldoReporta is a digital media brand focused on fashion, style & well-being, backed by celebrity journalist & TV-host Juan Carlos Giraldo. By combining Juan Carlos' knowledge and credibility with first rate design, technology and analytics, JGiraldoReporta partners with brands to create multimedia content of superior performance. Our platform comprises five channels among web, social, video and email, reaching monthly more than 1,200,000 people, 90% of them women in Colombia.

café retiro is devoted to crafting specialty coffees with the identity, character and flavours of a unique terroir — El Retiro, Colombia. Founded in 2009 as an independent co-op, this small company represents a new model for associated labour and regional brands, focused on customers who value the quality of an artisanal process from seed to roast. Besides roasted coffees, café retiro offers tourism, catering services & a complete gifts portfolio, all related to local coffee culture. A boutique brand with local roots and international reach.

I build complete companies, starting from opportunity assesment and going all the way to product prototyping, implementation and optimization. My goal is to shape ventures that are both relevant and profitable. While profitability is easily defined, relevance has no preset formulas and is always related to variables of context. Design is our way to find honest, innovative and positive answers to both sides of the equation.

Creating new products and services with the potential to become sustainable companies and high impact brands is what I do best. My practice has increasingly shifted from the consultancy model towards a startup studio approach where, besides doing the creative and design work, I invest time, money and resources to develop, run & grow these ventures. I love the process of building new companies.

OFICIOSVARIOS was started with the vision of creating a meeting point between engineering, design, technology and the arts. I've been fortunate to participate in projects and joint-ventures of great cross-disciplinary collaboration. I try to share my experiences through
teaching & conferences, by organizing meetups, and through open source projects. I'm an advocate for design leadership and professional independency.