a design-driven company builder based in Medellín, CO.

We focus on shaping new ventures in market niches where our integral creative & management expertise can lead us to unique, sustainable businesses we can own & operate for the long term.

Our companies,

We are different from venture capital investors and incubators: we’re operators who go beyond capital investment and mentoring to take on much more active roles in shaping all sides of a company – brand, product, team & business model.
Also, unlike creative studios or agencies, we don’t sell our design expertise as a service to clients but focus on the development of our own ventures.

We’re currently focused on two companies:

CUARTOPLANO is a real estate development firm focused in creating high quality urban environments. 

café retiro is devoted to crafting specialty coffees with the identity, character and flavours of El Retiro, Colombia.


Daniel Gutiérrez Zapata,
[email protected]

Elisa Echeverri Uribe,
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