Most of my projects are design systems, comprising the complete development of strategy, product & identity. I've done this succesfully for boutique brands like café retiro, startups like JGiraldoReporta & big ventures like Parque BarroBlanco.

My work works because it brings clarity & consistency, always striking a balance between relevance and returns.


A. Research
Themes, naming, availability.

B. Foundations
Concept, principles & brand architecture.

C. Elements
Logo, colour, type, language.

D. System
Digital & physical applications. Communications.


A. Internal
Business model & structure.

B. External
Markets, players, variables.

C. Trajectories
Vision, projections, road map.

D. Performance
Goals, metrics, brand valuation.


A. Information architecture
Functionality, content, technologies & frameworks.

B. Usability
Users & scenarios, multi-platform responsiveness.

C. Interaction design
User experience patterns, user interface assets.

D. Service design
Support & feedback channels.

E. Legible practices
Documentation, integration.