In 2011, Medellín had talented individuals working and thinking about technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, but few of them were getting together. CoffeeGrid was a monthly meetup hosting speakers, demos, workshops and lively discussion. Now closed, it will be remembered as the place that started shaping this local community.

Client, CoffeeGrid

Services, Project & Design Management

Team, Daniel Gutiérrez, Manuel Zapata, Juan Pablo Gaviria, Sebastian Castillo Builes, Jorge Eduardo Cardona

Startups & projects, MiCarga, UbidotsJuan RegalaReal City ToursEpicentroWebstripeMeka Group, Giive, Engager, etc.

Guest speakers, Bowei Gai, T.A. McCann, Ashwin Navin, Evan Henshaw, John Fredy Escobar, Juan Guillermo Lalinde, Juan Rafael Álvarez, Jorge Barrera, Maria Clara Choucair, Elkin Echeverri, etc.

Photography, Tomás Uribe, Felipe Cuartas, Juan Esteban Bedoya

Year, 2010 – 2012